Cannes goes Titanium


Cannes goes Titanium


This June you'll find a new category at Cannes. The 'Titanium Lion' will be given out for advertising innovation each year for work "in any category, or any combination of categories, that causes the industry to stop in its tracks and reconsider the way forward."


When will we get the Platinum award? did this just devaluate the grand prix? :)

I'm holding out for the Kryptonium award.

you got it backwards, playing hard to get is what the awards do. ;)

Hell, I'd be happy with a Lead Lion, honoring my contributions to the world of tv donuts and print shells for cheap-ass clients who enjoy nothing more than shooting me in the foot every single chance they get.

I'd equate it with the Purple Heart, the U.S. military's metal given to those who have been wounded in action.

hmmm... titanium beats platinum so then kryptonium cuts titanium?

Eergh, I was just going to ask, what do we do when titanium is no longer the "new gold?"

Plastics, the future is in plastics.

Another award just means more money coming in for entry fees. Maybe I'm cynical about award shows but, for the most part, it's not always the best ad that gets the gold...

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