Cannes Private View


Cannes Private View

DDB and Campaign magazine have gotten together to produce the Cannes Private View website where you'll be able to find all things Cannes comes Cannes Lions time.

Delegates at Cannes can send MMS images to it (much like we did here a couple of years back, remember?) but it's much better than the old photolog. See, you register with your name, agency and cell phone number so that the photos are uploaded and organised by agency. Everyone can add comments to it, and the best picture and caption as judged by site visitors will win airline tickets to Cannes and party invitations provided by DDB and Tribal DDB (airline tickets for UK residents only unfortunately! BooHoo!).

To whet everyones appetite here's a short promo film to boot.



What happened to those Cannes photos we sent in? Where did that go?

The old adland phlog is still online but I kinda gave up on the whole thing when it kept getting (undeletable) mailinglist messages. Le sigh.

I see. Annoying.

The Images at Cannes private view are rubbish though. No shots of passed out drunken creative directors in the gutter of the gutter bar yet.

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