The #Canneslions must have apps & must follow for those stuck at the office


The #Canneslions must have apps & must follow for those stuck at the office


This year there's no David on Demand, but don't fret, with Luke McCarthy as @LionsFringe with a daily video blog on Canneslionsblog Vimeo you can be a fly on the wall anyway.

If you are attending Cannes lions, make sue to prep your smartphone with Campaigns Festival app, which helps you keep track of the must-see seminars and meetups you want to catch.

When the sun goes down (but it's always five o'clock somewhere, especially in Cannes) use CreativeBrief's hilarious Gutterbarometer - the app which keeps tracks of your trips to the Gutter bar. If you dare! Created by CreativeSocial and Dare. Fun stuff.

Another one: Cannes Centrale, a "mobile conversation platform for the lions".

* updated to add more linkage!


Thanks for letting us know about these Cannes-related apps. Would like to add Cannes Centrale to the list--a conversation platform enabling people to start and comment on conversations, plus rate and share content from the festival--whether you are in Cannes or not. What's more, Time Siedelle, considered one of the funniest people on Twitter (@badbanana) is the lead contributor.

Thanks guys!

The first episode of our Lions Fringe Report is now online. This is an event in Soho, London, where the Fireflies have a leaving party before they venture from Geneva all through the French Alps to Cannes to raise money for Leuka, a charity for Leukaemia..

See you in Cannes!



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