Can't go to Cannes? Go to Cannt (London)

Cannt is taking the party to you guys who can't make it to the south of France. It's a bit of fun, networking and inspiration while sticking it out in the cruel summer.

Welcome to Cannt.
This year, Creative Directors and their agencies the UK over want to thank the many people that work on the projects that make them look good on The Croisette during the Cannes Festival, but don’t get to go.
We have a "Gutter Bar" in East London, and link-ups to Cannes through the "Gutterbarometer" app so popular at last year’s Cannes festival; and through live broadcasts from judges and visitors at the festival.
Its a week of silly, inclusive, entertaining, enjoyable and educational events – bringing a bit of the Cannes halo to everyone involved in making the great work.