The carrot and stick trick - twice.


The carrot and stick trick - twice.


How ironic it is that the ads for creative award shows should end up in Badland due to lack of creativity..... this is a pairing you must see!

In 2005 the Art Directors Club Italiano ran an ad reminding us all what awards shows really are. Their budget allowed for an image bank image and a quick retouch in photoshop to add the ADCI's cone-shaped award to the picture. But in the end, it's a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick - which is very true isn't it?

This year, the 2006 One Show Call for Entries advertised their awards like this. Wow. How original.

Funniest badlander ever? ;) Might be.

.... And just for kicks, here's the Danish BBDO sign, a relic from the agency Henriksen & Sieling founded back in '79, which BBDO bought for it's network in the mid-eighties. The sign still hangs on the outside of BBDO' offices in Kongensgade., Copenhagen.


Hmmm, yes but they all only tell half the story, really. Not only should the donkey(creative) be tempted forward by a juicy carrot (award), but he/she should also be being driven on by liberal use of a whipping stick (rolled-up P45?).

Both ads are embarrassingly bad.

Nice pair.

Awards show that use such tired clich

Oh dear. It's like the backslapping world of ad award shows has officially imploded and now we'll all be sucked into the vortex.

tssssk - we were sucked into the vortex the minute we started working in advertising. ;)

Never forget... In the ad biz... It's called an "Homage." Much classier in French than "Rip-Off."


Oooops... Just noticed that the call for entries for an Italian awards show is in English... Oh, I know, that way it'll get to run in Archive magazine along with all the other English language ads from Brazil, China, Swaziland and Neptune!


wow, not just one bad ass but two bad asses! amazing ;)

That's one bad-ass pun m'dear.

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