The cars of the next generation.

Automakers are looking at starting new trends with the "alpha" trend setters of the youth market. The idea is to create the next auto trend with cars like the Honda Element, Toyota Matrix, and Pontiac Aztek, pretty much anything that looks industrially ugly.
Although part of the problem with this stragety is the majority of the marketers planning these trends are middle-agers who don't even know if the designs are on target.
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There's something to be said for the fact that the young demographics don't want what the older generations like. But gen-Yers also want affermation of their individuality.

" 'Youths want something that sticks out a little, that says 'I've got something you don't,' Farley says.

Looking at it, the xB certainly does that - especially once a buyer gets done "slamming" it with dealer accessories. Scion offers lots of factory customization, from big wheels and suspension kits to graphics on the paint and interior trim.

Whether that's enough to make it authentic is questionable, but at least the Scion comes with the factory warranty, so Generation Yers won't spend precious time and money maintaining it."

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Apparently the targeting isn't quite working as planned -- sales are brisk on the Toyota Matrix and are looking good on the Honda Element -- but to boomers, not Gen Y-ers. And that's the kiss of death when you're trying to market them as cool.

Time had a piece on it last week. The top sellers for the under-25 set? Hyundai Tiburon, Mitsubishi Lancer, and -- get this -- the Dodge Stratus.