Cars under street lamps


Cars under street lamps

Just a coincidence ... again, and again, and again.



Citroen C4 Picasso

C4 Picasso



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Interseting, but what does

Interseting, but what does Audi have to do with it? In my book the top pic is a Renault. Says something about how darn similar all cars are these days. Sorry for being a smart-ass!

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I suspect one image is

I suspect one image is missing. Hlebarov lemme know, I can always edit posts.

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@stimulans-In my mnd the

@stimulans-In my mnd the cars are irrelevant though, the core idea is the same, no?

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make: sure, but it would be

make: sure, but it would be even better if the pic of the audi was there too (if its missing). car makes are never irrelevant! most important thing in the world! ;)

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anybody know about the

anybody know about the agencies? Year of release? 

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