Cash for clunkers reveal hard to kill cars - why isn't this a viral ad for Volvo yet?

The Car Allowance Rebate System (a.k.a Cash for Clunkers) has many people becoming quite inventive in how to kill perfectly decent (and expensive) running cars so that they may trade them in for a more environmentally friendly vehicle instead.

So, what you do is drain the engine of oil, and refill it with two or three quarts of a salt + water + silica mix. Then you run the engine like nuts until it chokes. These guys conclude however, that disabling an engine in a new Volvo is hard work. "Super tough" as they describe it. Of course it is. It's a Volvo you fools! They're built tough.
(It honestly sounds like a puppy crying as the engine slowly dies, heartbreaking!)

(ps, Volvo, I'll send my bill to the usual address, yeah?)

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