Cat people (not the movie) are scarier than you think.

Purina® Cat Chow® has sprinkled their youtube channel with ®'s and added a two minute video showing people fessing up to being "a cat person". I can see where this idea might have begun, cat people are not dog people. Cat people are.. well.. different lets say. Driven by an undying love for a furball who coughs up their latest meal on the silk pillows, sharpens their claws on the antique chairs, and sheds twice as much hair on any item of clothing that is the opposite color of their fur. Yes, we're different, and there's an insight here. But the video shows people admitting to being cat people as if they are at an AA-meeting, before explaining why they are cat people. "Because he doesn't care if I have a bad hair day" says the man with not much hair at all, and that's the closest we get to it ever being funny. And that "insight" is so old it has whiskers on it. "I am a cat person" is repeated far too many times, and somehow, we're supposed to feel compelled to share this video with other cat people.

What? I'm sorry Purina, I am a crazy cat lady which Lord launch Lunch, Ameri-cat, Catastrophe, HenryEtt and HenryTvå, Lussekatt and countless other furballs will miauw to in court, and I don't share this sort of thing. I share Lolcats. And I'll share popcorn kittens, kitten vs scary thing and two scary things, brave kitteh vs dog, any video with a scottish fold in it until the cows come home. Notice anything in common in all these videos? THEY HAVE CATS IN THEM! I am crazy cat lady, and I prefer to look at them over people 24/7.