Catching computers with your Gluteus maximus

As I said when I saw it floating by in my twitter stream (yes, I need to be spanked for talking like this, I'm sorry) : That is the most meta viral ad I've ever seen. Forget that Ray-Ban guy catches glasses with face ad, forget the guys doing backflips into jeans - these guys are catching MSI computers with their butt crack. Might that even be a reference to the girl who cracks walnuts with her gluteus maximus? And are the ridonkulous sports suits a homage to our dear 118 118 boys that were the Kings of meta to begin with, referencing David Bedford's style, then spoofing the Honda Choir and lets not forget FlashDance, which was also spoofed by Carlton Beer by the way.

Thank you Dodgygeezer at Barkingstar for your subtle way of telling me that I need to get out more.

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