From Catfights to Pillowfights

Miller Lite, now famous for their Catfight ads which broke in January, are taking the concept even further. New spot stars Pamela Anderson joining two other scantily clad women having a pillow fight.

"The commercial will run concurrently with at least another ad in the "Catfight" series in which a buxom Catfight woman a man is wrestling turns into an overweight man. That spot will run during network sports broadcasts."

"The ads with the bra-busting babes and overt sexism sparked an immediate media frenzy. Miller in March readied another round of the raunchy commercials, including the one with Ms. Anderson, but the war with Iraq delayed their debut.

The Catfight girls are not expected to return in the fall, when Miller plans a blanket campaign for its Miller trademark as well as new work for other key brands."

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Did it make you buy lots of their beer? Did it make you want to stay monogamous with that particular beer brand forever? In fact, what brand is it? Don't cheat by looking! ;)

    Jul 12, 2003
  • Dabitch's picture

    If you ask me (but of course, nobody did) these ads should not have run at all - war or no war. sad sad sad ad.

    Jun 04, 2003

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