Ceasar sues McDonald's - for making him fat

An obese New Yorker is suing four leading US fast food chains, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's and KFC who he accuses of being responsible for his 123kg frame and a series of heart attacks.

Caesar Barber is testing whether the food industry can be held responsible for health problems in the same way as tobacco firms.

Barber, who began eating fast food in the 1950s, said the major chains had been deceptive in presenting nutritional information about their products.

"They said '100 per cent beef.' I thought that meant it was good for you, he told reporters.

John Doyle, ceo resturant organisation, said to ABC news that he is suprised Barbers lawyers can keep a straight face.
- Two thirds of all food consumed in the United States today is consumed in the home. Will he sue americas mothers too?

Dabitch notes that virtually all fast food chains deliver to peoples homes and that the statement above is not taking that into account.

Gene Grabowski, vice president of communications and marketing at the Grocery Manufacturers of America Inc. held up the example of the avocado pear, which contains an average 360 calories and 30g of fat.

"Now, are you going to sue mother nature for creating an avocado? It has more calories and more fat than cookies do."

McDonalds and Coca Cola have already helped fund a multimillion pound advertising campaign urging Americans to eat more healthily.

Reported June 14th, in an effort to avoid tobaccostyle lawsuits, food giants including Unilever, Procter & Gamble and Heinz are to use internet, TV and press ads to warn consumers that eating too much fast food will make them fat.

Too little too late comes to mind.

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