slapped ConAgra, Manwich ads pulled.

In the least surprising bit of news this week, Adfreak reports: "Manwich ads yanked for slapping girly men. The ads which were on youtube last week have been pulled from there, after ConAgra received complaints. The petition at argues: "Violence against gender non conforming men and women is a serious problem in our country and should not be used for lazy jokes in advertising. Every year thousands of men and women are victims of hate crimes because of their perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. This commercial series glorifies those crimes."

... and, I got nothing to say against that. I spent this afternoon watching a whole bunch of "It gets better" videos, listening to grown men and women tell horrifying stories of the verbal and physical abuse they endured in their teens for acting the slightest bit effeminate, point taken loud and clear mates.

Homework for next week: sell product on it's own benefits. Though I have no idea what kind of great selling point you can show for what is essentially sloppy joe sauce in a can. I do know the 'sloppy joe' name makes the Brits giggle as much as Americans do at spotted dick.

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