The MediaGuardian reports that channel 4 courts controversy with their latest channel promo. The commercial asks channel 4 stars what their favorite swearword is, and the word "cunt" is heard 9 times in just 90 seconds making it the four-letter word of choice. Channel 4 wanted to air this ad in cinemas, only at screenings of the extra gory violent film Kill Bill who's audience is hard to offend, but the the Cinema Advertising Association nixed the ad and refused to air it. Channel 4 will start airing this ad on FilmFour after 10pm on Monday instead.

"There isn't a single person within the channel who has seen this ad and found it anything other than highly amusing," said Bill Griffin, the Channel 4 head of marketing.
"We can understand, however, why the CAA felt they had to turn it down - it does contain the highest number of expletives ever featured in an ad as far as we're aware.

See the unbleeped 90 second advert here, easily offended people please sod off and don't click. ;)

Channel 4

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    I laughed until I cried. seriously. Yes it's easy to just edit something with cuss-words together and get the laughs, but this was just so well done even if the idea is simple. The actors from all my favorite shows cussing, and I love them for it. Great work.

    Mar 13, 2004
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    MediaGuardian reports:

    With thousands of links to the advert sent by email, as well as being picked up by a number of websites, the campaign has shown swearing is fast losing its taboo status among the television audience.
    A survey of viewers conducted by the now defunct Broadcasting Standards Authority found that "cunt" was considered far more offensive than any other swear word.

    Mar 19, 2004

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