Check out my breasts!


Check out my breasts!


Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and Rethink demonstrate how to check your breasts, or, considering the url and the gal, the breasts of someone you love at It reminds me of 2001 Bessie winner by ZiG where Cam was willing to help busy women check their breasts.


Except the Cam spot was funny, whereas this is just disappointing, yet mildly informative. Kinda like an ad.

Ugh...overstock....blows. But true. Cam also did a better job of speaking more to women. This definitely seems targeted at a male demographic (or lesbians) with the url and all.

Blatently targeting the male populace.

No check out mine! *flashes everyone*.

*shutter snaps*...I'm off to eBay ;)

Hey.. HEY! get back here you!

Can I be utterly childish and admit that I laugh at commenting here as it shows up in the sidebar as:Dabitch on Check out my breasts!. Hehehehe. /beavis

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