China Bans Bra, Underwear, Sex Toy Ads


China Bans Bra, Underwear, Sex Toy Ads

Not sure if I've categorized this correctly:

Things we take for granted are being eliminated in China. Check out this link:



"I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!" *

They're gonna miss out on the new Victoria's Secret ads. Heidi Klum will be soooo pissed...

But seriously - It's not as bad as Myanmar cutting off the Internet, so they could kill their priests in private. .

Odd how China has/had sex toy ads on TV and radio, etc. We in the USA don't have that.... .

It may only be temporary (in China, that is), because they seem to cracking down for a big party meeting to determine who runs what parts of the country, which is in a few weeks. Probably 3-4 months from now, the sex toy ads will re-appear. (Of course that does depend on who they select for the leadership)....

L8r, Allan

* Captain Renault, in Casablanca

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