Chip Chop winners pokes fun at Axe/Lynx with priests + most read this week

The Chip Chop awards, where advertising stops taking itself so seriously and pokes fun at itself, has announced the winners. The father dear father finalist in "best use of bad taste" looks like it could even be a contender in Neil Hamburger's art contest. It was written up in the Axe / Lynx threatens to boycott Vice magazine post, one that looked like it would easily top our list of this weeks most read when @NeilHamburger tweeted:

Thank you @adland for this fine article about the current situation with @AXE:

...But then out of left field came Dr Pepper's "I ❤ DP" shirts street team and while I'm sure everyone is busy making up a naughty version of the I'm a Pepper jingle, I noticed that these two post had something else in common. Neither one of them show google ads. Just blank white spaces.

You remember Adsense, the ad network that banned adland for showing Sloggi ads, right? Turns out our two most popular posts this week have gotten red-flagged : "our automatic contextual advertising system has determined pages that contain potentially mature or adult content."

Dear advertising, stop being so smutty.

Meanwhile, on the webpages where the ads still appear... we got avatars making out. Way to stay classy Google. I'm getting mixed messages here. I'm not supposed to point out the 'oversexification' of advertising, while you keep putting up dating ads with sultry blondes who are just aching for me to call them, or game ads that get naughtier as the campaign progresses? Okaaay. As long as we're clear.

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"There's salutin' Peppers..." -- you barely need to change the lyrics here to make this song very juvenile. I'll stop now, it's late.
Dr Pepper - I'm a Pepper / David Naughton - (1979) :60 (USA)

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I'm a different target market than you, I don't get breathless Swedish blondes, seems google knows more about me than I care to admit. The question is, why are so many dating ads showing up here?

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That one works for you? Google seems to think that I'm a guy who wants to mail-order a russian bride. Where can I file "I am straighter than an arrow" with dear Google? But yes, I really want the dating ads to GO AWAY.

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Haha....totally enjoyable construction! I'm getting mixed messages here on the webpages where the ads still appear...

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I'm getting buy & sell gold ads (FOREX), and cheap flight suggestions.

Even the banner ads don't want to date me.

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But seriously, there's copulating avatars on the ads that Google adsense placed here yet, we can't talk about PETA ads without our account getting banned, again. *sigh*