The Chip Shop awards 2008 - nominations are online.

Award season ain't over yet - check out the Chip Shop awards where the entries are now posted for viewing on the site.

The Chip Shop Awards are different. It has no rules. It has no regulations. It has no baggage. It doesn’t have a copy writer either, for that matter.

The "wanker" ad on the left here is for the Tourettes Syndrome (UK) Association. It had me squirting coffee out of my nose. Caspa Marketing officially owe me a new keyboard.

This one above - "Phil Collins KitKat byTCS - should win the advertising-injoke-award. ;P It's not the only ad that refers to another ad though - see also "Just Do It Yourself" for Homebase.

aye, mac. Oh yeah, they're opening a new shop. Aye.

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Still love that Tourettes ad.