The Chiquita Banana girl gets 25 facelifts

Fans of iconic brands like the blue and yellow Chiquita should head over to Design:related and read the interview with the designer DJ Neff about the Chiquita Banana Brand Refresh for some great eye candy and howto bring an old icon into the new era.

Many times as designers we are tasked to help brands build or rebuild their identities. We may initially think that a clean slate is required to achieve a better identity, and in some cases that can be true if the existing brand identity has little to no value. But in most cases, there is always something that can be built on, discovered, or championed with any brand. It really just requires spending as much time as you can with the product, immersing yourself in it. Like method designing, you just have to live it and the work will flow through you.

Fans of old Chiquita should start humming I'm Chiquita Banana, and I've come to say
Bananas have to ripen in a certain way....
right about now.

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