Christians suck the fun out of flash mobs


Christians suck the fun out of flash mobs


Yikes. The Second Baptist Church in Houston got 2000 people in white pants and multi-colored tops together to a 'flashmob' event they called "Dance your shoes off". It celebrates auto-tune, no wait, the resurrection of Jesus, and isn't so much a "dance" as a giant aerobics session. Everyone who participated in the event donated a new pair of shoes to local mission agencies, so there's that, I guess.

Flash mobs are officially over now.

The Song was actually commissioned for the event, it's is called "Rise Up" sung by Lauren James Camey and produced by Joshua Moore. It's available on itunes. And yes, they're inspired by the Hungarian members of Faith Church, who did a flash mob for Christ already. With auto-tune. Dearie me, auto-tune needs to die.


This is offensive to christians. Shame on you. Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and this is a happy dance about his resurrection.

This is pretty offensive to flash mobs and auto-tune too. So hey.

you're right they suck the fun out of everything. bring back the normal flashmobs!

My eyes crossed and my ears prayed to any entity that would listen, "Make It Stop!". At 1 minute 12 seconds the video stopped and I was mysteriously dumped into this confessional.

Apparently the entity is "unlisted" because no callback number was left for me to SMS money.

R.I.P. Flash Mob

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