Cinema advertising finally comes to the US


Commericals steal show at the movies- "Cinema advertising becomes a viable option when "you've got a brand that's connected to the fabric of the culture and if you've got great creative that fits the environment," said Steve Moynihan, managing director at ArnoldMPG, a media-planning agency in Boston. "It's not the best place to sell diapers or green beans."

Regal CineMedia plans to kick off a digitally formatted pre-show full of content and advertising, beginning in select markets at the end of this month. The pre-show is slated to begin about 20 minutes before the advertised movie time. "The idea is to give patrons a better experience and give the marketer a better environment," Mr. Marks said. "Rather than showing trivia, we'll give them a real entertaining bonus. We know they came there for the movie."

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    Roger Ebert Q and A regarding advertising in movie theatres: A: "If I were faced with 20 minutes of paid advertising before a movie, I would simply walk out and demand my money back. Commercials are fine when they underwrite TV or subsidize newspapers, which could not exist without them. But when I pay for a ticket, I am personally subsidizing the screening and resent being made into a captive victim. I received an avalanche of mail on this subject, and cannot understand why advertisers would want to attract hostility toward their products by deliberately offending potential customers."

    You know, we had advertising in movie theatres for as long as I can remember, but we didn't get commercials on TV until 1987 (and that was only one one channel).

    Feb 12, 2003

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