Citroen brings back the Transformer in new ad


Citroen brings back the Transformer in new ad


The well-spoofed (and awarded) Citroen Transformer robot will be back in a new spot said to break June 5th. Instead of the rooftop setting from before, the new ad shows the 'bot on ice, skating on a pond. Music in the ad is The Egg's 'Walking Away.' Nicky Gooch, coach of the British Olympic speed-skating team, helped create the animation for the robot via motion capture. See the original here.


Has it cropped up anywhere yet? I want my electro robots... on ICE!

Silly me, I had only searched YouTube for Citroen, and not C4.

There has to be a 60 second version. This is kinda sucky. No time for build.

hehe. The citroen site still has the original up (or did when I last looked a couple days ago)...hopefully they will put this new one up there. Or maybe one of the production co's or the agency responsible will send it in. :)

A reader on my blog had something amusing to say about this ad, "I prefer the original RoboCarWorkout: Electric Boogaloo version. It has less decepticon cum evil robocop look. It's the red eyes. I don't want to be in a car that's going to transform and crush me out of spite."

WHY do some advertisers insist on trying to repeat the success of an ad that, lets face it, got popular by pure fluke? It won't work a second time no matter how much money ypu throw at it. Rating 1.

Ok, I found a 40 Second one. And you know what? The lumberjack makes all the difference. I wonder still if there's a 60?

Oh yeah, and here's the URL:

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