Citrus ads fight carb stigma, Mazda tries a viral


Citrus ads fight carb stigma, Mazda tries a viral


Orange juice taks up the fight with the Aitkins diet crazed consumers with new ads that will appear in April according to Firstcoastnews.

The commercial will show a man feeding a kitchen blender rutabagas, liver, okra, brussels sprouts, a banana and four oysters as he explains that those are the foods a person would need to consume to get the equivalent vitamins and minerals found in a glass of orange juice.

Hat tip to Claymore

Mazda tries to go viral with this little commercial about a carwash that magically gives you a brand new car. then the tired couple try the mega-wash on each other... *yawn*


Does viral equate to "crap" lately? Badly shot lame but 'slightly outrageous' ideas are the usual desperate attempts to be viral. They seem to forget the biggest viral was Honda's Cog, a costly high-art production, and not a cheap gag.

Cog was a $1 million tv ad in the UK and then a viral ad.

I am aware of that. In fact it's my point. viral as in "sent around in emails/popular on the web/frequently visited homepage". Not viral as in "crazy low budget idea that could never be aired tries for a chance for life on the web..."

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