Clarity for iPhone - let there be light.

Clarity "One tap to awesomeness" seems like a nice app right there, but the reason I'm telling you about it is their video which is a good pisstake of all those scenes in countless crime TV-shows where some clever guy at a computer "magnifies background 400%" and "enhances bitmap ratio" and other made-up magic to find the perp lurking in the shadows of grainy CCTV-footage shot at night in dark alleyways. Or better yet, finding the reflection of the perp in the window of a passing car somewhere in the background of a grainy CCTV-shot.

While we might not be quite there yet, we do have a nifty little app that makes the useless iPhone camera a little less useless. Hooray!

The results are so good that you’re going to think that we sold our souls to achieve them.

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