The Clear Pill - microsite selling the movie "Limitless" not brainpills


The Clear Pill is a site supposedly shilling thallanylzirconio-methyl-tetrahydro-triazatriphenylene "a powerful new class of psychotropic medication that merges various features of NDRI’s, NaSSA’s and SSRI’s. NZT works, in part, by maintaining higher levels of 5-HT in the synapse while increasing norepinephrine and serotonin neurotransmission by blocking presynaptic alpha-2 adrenergic receptors while at the same time blocking certain serotonin receptors."


Aaaaaah, it's a clever microsite that's actually selling Limitless, the movie. Just like that guy with his fake iPhone hack in Times Square.

The "testimonials" page reveals it, sort of, by stating "Due to claims being investigated by the FDA this page is currently unavailable" underneath a photo of Bradley Cooper holding a clear pill. This is the part where you're supposed to go "a-ha" if you've seen the trailer. Which you probably will have if you're exposed to traditional advertising such a trailers on TV and pre-cinema. If you're a recluse you might just think that the guy from Nip/Tuck needs a bit more cash and is now shilling pills & proactive like everyone else.

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