Clearchannel promote their bus handle ad space for watch campaign, and in doing so Badland themselves

Triwa & IWA Pilot Watch Bus Handle Ad

Clearchannel have been looking at the plethora of bus handle ad stunts created around the world and thought it was high time to promote this possible ad-space to be used on a regular basis in Stockholm. They reached out to Triwa and offered the space coupled with an idea on how they might use it, and Triwa jumped on the opportunity of getting their "colorful watch" message out to commuters. Now that the ads are running we can't help but notice how it looks cribbed straight from Jung von Matt's award winning IWA Large Pilot Watch campaign. Tsssk.

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you can find more examples of ads using bus handles here :

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And the silly thing is: on paper it looks like a good idea, but in reality no one holds a handle like that.
(Actually, sticking your hand in like that could be extremely dangerous if the bus has to make an emergency stop...)

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So true. I never thought of that, but as you know, I can't reach that far up. ;-p