Clio Xtrem Racer: Race to resurrection


Clio Xtrem Racer: Race to resurrection

Renault is online with a new game "Clio Xtrem Racer: Race to resurrection". The gamer at the wheel of "ghost" car races against the time for reincarnation into New Clio. This futuristic racing game developed by Publicis Net France challenges gamers to experience cool jumps, loops and a blazing speed simulation.

Inspired from the video game launches, we have run a viral campaign in order to create word-of mouth before releasing the game. By creating a fake game studio identity – PNet Entertainment – and a fake website –CliXr: Race to resurrection- we sent the teaser and the trailer of our game to webmaster of blogs and websites specialized in video games.

For those who want to play every time everywhere the downloadable version of game is also available on the website.

Ready for resurrection? Go on


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