Cloven Hooves, Cloud Punchers, Flying Rats and Walkie-Talkies

UPDATED: The latest campaign for Nextel, featuring their new nationwide walkie-talkie capabilities, broke over the weekend (the campaign, not the phone), and it's not too shabby at all. What makes things kind of sad it that the three spots are some of Mullen's damn finest work on the account to date, but they lost it to TBWA/Chiat/Day back on May 5. Darn.

Superadgrunts - View Mullen's beautiful swan song for Nextel here...

Antennalopes, Tower and Homing Pigeons

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    Thanks Steve - We found out about the spots before this week's trade press releases went out, so we originally had to go with edjimacated assumptions (companies don't seem to reply to inquiring calls no mo'). All better now, thanks to you and Adweek. Cheers!

    Jun 04, 2003

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