Cobranded brand hijack


Cobranded brand hijack


Adgrunt may23rd2007 (interesting name) has been on a mission since May to tag all cobranded ads with the word cobranded. Give 'm a hand willya?

Meanwhile, as you sell your branded product out in the open, someone somewhere might decide to do some crazy stuff with it. Check this "cobranded brand hijack" to see just how crazy you can get with a Mentos and a Coke light.

Of course, this has become a crazy fad, see everyone mentos + coke light videos on youtube. Yikes. Happily, this fits both Mentos and Coke lights brand should, it's fun loving and inventive (mentos) while light! (Coke). Ok, so it's not just for the taste of it... ;)


Hmmm. So is this what "light it up" is supposed to mean? ;)

Aaaah - now it all makes sense!

This is hilarious indeed.
Got nothing to do with advertising, but hey, we're all in Cannes anyway. Aren't we?

Moving this off the front page at the mo. I think the film was taking a few too many hits as it loads every time someone loads the front page. (dumb of me)

But Hygge, it has EVERYTHING to do with advertising! Or at least PR. While mentos embrace this strange trend, Coke sourpusses mutter "yeah but we want people to drink Diet Coke..."


Oh do'h - Iforgot to add this, Brandon tipped me to this related link : customerevangelist mentos and diet coke - where they have quoted the reactions of both brands.

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