Coca Cola = Happiness


The Media Guardian reports on Coca Cola's latest push for their Coke Side of Life campaign which began a few months ago. The new ad is expected to be rolled in in around 199 markets.

Moseley (executive creative director at Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam) said that the "world inside a Coke machine" idea had the ability to cross any culture or language. He said the agency had looked at films with universal appeal, such as Shrek, adding that Coke needed to think like Disney.

Super adgrunts check out the new spot "Happiness Factory":

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    I heard some rumour that the spot came from some tiny Spanish shop but Coke "relieved" them of the idea and had W&K execute it much to the unhappiness of the tiny Spanish shop. I could be totally wrong, but does this ring any bells for anyone?

    Jul 04, 2006

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