Coke might just finally get it...... Julmust rules!


Coke might just finally get it...... Julmust rules!


Fellow adblogger Researcher in Sweden reports that Coke has finally thrown in the towel on trying to take over Swedish yule with their brown bubbly. We wailed last year that Coke still doesn't get it. Julmust rules, but this year the Coca Cola corporation has changed tactics. Instead of running a million ads with those inane trucks toting Coke as the yule beverage they have adopted the "can't beat them join 'em" strategy and now sell julmust for christmas. The bottles look like the real thing (julmust that is) and even have an umlauted name, "Bjäre Julmust" but it's the coca cola corporation that has made the concoction. This might be the year coke finds out what brand loyalty really means, as most Swedes swear by the original Julmust, Apotekarens and nothing else.

The x-massy bottles Coke tried last year depicted above.

Later 2008: Please Coke, It's Christmas without your help, stop competing with Apotekarnes Julmust.


If you're lucky Pepsi wont' try to go after the Swedes with their Holiday Spice.

Oh god.. Yeah I heard about that. A very blogged phenomenon. Someone described as "tasting like Pepsi with pebbles of dirt in it". YUCK! ;))

Wonder if the "join them" tactic will work this year. Is Bj

Well... the war is on. The private brewery Spendrup's is putting up a fight, lowering the price at the biggest supermarkets. I think Bj

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