Come hunt for trolls in Sweden

Visit Skåne (the southern part of Sweden that I now call home) has decided to lure in tourists with the promise of trolls. In reality, it's just me on a bad hairday.

Go to to try and spot trolls in the "live" feeds of Skåne (and Malmö's) most scenic areas. If you do spot a troll, you can enter a competition and win prizes - a weekend for two in Skåne, a kubb game, that sort of thing.

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  • HowieSPM's picture

    As long as they are the type that eat children and use their bones as toothpicks I am all for Trolls. I mean we need Trolls. The world without Trolls is less fun and exciting. Plus how else to keep kids in line without the threat of being eaten by Trolls!

    Jul 06, 2010
  • Dabitch's picture

    Trolls don't scare my daughter, nor me - my mom said that I was a troll-baby she found behind a rock in the forest. Yeah, that didn't screw me up at all.

    Jul 06, 2010

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