Comes the executioner

This month the ict have brung down it`s axe on many ads.

This ad,which featured a very short life (Literally,it lasted thirty
seconds) received 160 complaint`s resulting in it being banned from TV.Although,as with French connection,this don`t stop them keeping it on their website at
i can see why this one was banned,as i didn`t really like it.
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Pot noodle ,now calling themselves the slag of all Snacks, Have been told not to show this ad before the 9PM watershed. In it,a man gets bored with his wife`s sandwiches and phone`s his mate (in which he qoute`s,something like a kebab, but harder) who recommends`s pot noodle,in which the man has to resort to the seedy backstreet`s to get and after multiple slaps from prostitutes,he finally get`s to share one.
The ad was pushed to the watershed obviously to the
blatant sex references, but it is ever so funny (as is everything directed by Traktor) and is currently showing on the advertising section on
Hula Hoops


these ad`s took the mick of some of the media`s stupid marketing ideas. It claims to show Hula Hoops Ad Exec`s Dumping eel`s into the UK`s water supply.
Apparently mosted of the complaint`s where from parents whose kids had seen the ad,and thought that it was actually gonna happen. Not forgetting the complaints from animal lovers, and people who think that thing`s shouldn't be released into the water supply.You can watch the two ads at which has issued a warning to people before they watch it..........
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this was put up to 9PM because it was shown during cup matches,which was claimed for being targeting at kids.Obviously over looked the tongue on woman reference then. it`s available on this guy called Andy`s website......