The Commercial Combobulation Cavalcade


It appears that a small but growing number of commercial Web sites have finally figured out a way to tie their online presences together with their traditional advertising efforts by (gasp!) posting their commercials on their commercial Web sites! Wow! Genius!

Continue on for a taste of what's been found thus far (20 links inside)...

(I) Move over, Great American Melting Pot. We've got a frying pan!

In 1995, an unlikely group of personalities were brought together for a most noble purpose. The personalities were J.J. Walker, Evel Knievel and Butch Patrick (better know as Eddie Munster). And the purpose... Sell pizza for Little Caesars.

Thus, the modern "Hawking Hybrid Handful of Has-Beens" concept was born.

Variations of this theme have come and gone with nary a ripple, but that all changed when Lipton's prepackaged contender against Hamburger Helper hit the airwaves... along with two brand new TV families.

Check Sizzle and Stir's brand-spankin' new Web site.

It has been brought to my attention that their Web site is pissy with certain browsers/platforms, so here are the direct links to the main course - the commercials!

Sizzle and Stir - The Ts (***** stars) with Mr. T, Lonnie Anderson, George Hamilton and Mary Lou Retton

Sizzle and Stir - The Woolerys (***** stars) with Chuck Woolery, Sally Jesse Raphael, Pat Moriata and Little Richard

The Woolerys Outtakes 1 (*** stars)

The Woolerys Outtakes 2 (*** stars)

The Woolerys Outtakes 3 (*****+ stars)

(II) Return of the Return of the Real American Heroes, Part III

Just when you thought you've heard it all with this pristine radio campaign, along comes three more that I've never, ever heard on the airwaves. Along with the first 21 spots posted here, the count is now two dozen, thanks to the Bud Light site.

The three missing spots are:
Mr. Fake Tattoo Inventor
Mr. Jelly Donut Filler
Mr. Inspirational Poster Writer

The site also has a collection of groovy Bud Light TV spots. FLASH required for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Also check out the regular Bud site, where you'll find a whole mess o' Bud TV.

(III) Heat things up.

Damn, I gotta respect the McIlhenny Co. for their tangy product called Tabasco. Two of their TV spots are found here (Mosquito and Tattoo), but it's a darn shame they're missing the legendary God/Meteors spot.

(IV) Life tastes good, so enjoy. Always. And a smile.

Coke has their TV spots on the Web? D-uh.

(V) The joy of cola... no, the joy of Pepsi... no, the joy of... whatever.

Pepsi see. Pepsi do. Too.

(VI) Nasty, just the way we like it.

Nintendo 64's Conker's Bad Fur Day. Includes the director's cut, outtakes, making of and movies of the game itself. Warning: Not for the sophisticated, but definitely fun.

(VII) A helluvalotta game.

Holy crap! This one's so brazen, it's a "pay to view!" Well, it's worth it if you dig their stuff -- ESPN Sportcenter. Offers occasional freebies, but to access the archive of a hundred or so classic Sportscenter commercials, you have to sign up with a credit card. NOTE: Offers a free 30 day trial, so... well, you know. Lovely stuff inside.

(VIII) Keep the doctor away.

Apple Computer's been savvy to the draw of posted commercials for years now. Check out the latest here.

(IX) They sure as Hell ain't usin' Coppertone!

Intel's finally figured it out as well, with the spots for their freaky Blue Man Group Pentium 4 ads.

(X) The Web goes sour.

Mike's Hard Lemonade. One TV. Two radio. Funny stuff.

(XI) Surprising rodentia return.

Outpost has brought back the Gerbil for their 6th Anniversary promotion.

They might have retired the excellent Wolf and Tattoo spots from their legendary 1999 TV campaign, but the Gerbil has been called back to work another gig. Page includes downloadable versions of the classic Gerbil/Cannon spot.

(XII) Who the **** is this Ed guy anyway!?

The now classic EDS trilogy is here, as is a collection of their print ads. It's rare to find a company that's so proud of its multimedia advertising, but its well-founded. For the TV, at least.

(XIII) Nothing sucks like Electro... uhh.... errr.... Hoover?

Even a vacuum cleaner manufacturer has kinda figured it out, even though it's just their jingle.


Do you know of any other commercial sites with commercials worthy of mention? Email them to me and I'll see about including it in the next collection. - Clay2

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