Commercials are easier to avoid - what shuld admen do?


Commercials are easier to avoid - what shuld admen do?

Adland: interviews a few good men in advertising discuss the future and possible media tactics now that TiVo and smart VCR skip commercials for people.

A choice quote comes from Terry Clarke, chairman and founder, Boston ad firm Clarke Goward.

“Advertisers have to stop shying away from doing something good or risky.”

Amen to that Terry.


I could not agree with this more. I just got a DVR (TiVo clone like thinghy), and I zip through commercials all the time (And I'm a freakin' producer). But, When I zip through I am ALWAYS watching, and I stop and rewind if I see a good commercial.

The only way a commercial is going to go the distance these days is to be unique and eye-catching, to make all of us TiVo junkheads pause and review. The new Burger King ad (Wake up with the king) is a great example. I was zipping through the emmys when I got home last night and I had to stop and go back. it was a GREAT ad.

Okay.. this comment's gone on too long. Let me finish by saying I wish my clients could understand that different is better these days... *Sigh*.. I need to be a national company, instead of just a regional one.....

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