Condoms and tyres


Condoms and tyres

It is just a coincidence - isn't it ?

(more examples inside)



Tyres and safe sex...a typical connection. ;)

Nice finds - thanks for posting!

Actually, many (in the USA) will probably remember the old Firestone Tire ads "...Where the Rubber Meets the Road..." (either as part of the print ad, or sung by rugged sounding guys....) :-) . In addition, in American slang, "rubber" means (meant?) "condom".

Therefore, the connection has already been made, at least here in the states.... :~>

L8r -

"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).

This is quite an odd brainsync isn't it?

Maybe the ad writers were Americans and remembered the Firestone ads, and the American slang as well, and made the connection that way...

Otherwise, DAMN ODD!

"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).

Rating this high just for the great chance to check out the executions of these, the first one is really nicely Art Directed the other two not so much. 

The first one does have the best art by far, but I wasn't entirely sure what they were selling! (Not being a user of either type of rubber product.)

Perhaps when I ordered that new set of Dunlops I should have requested to inspect the packing material.

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