CONTEST! Deck the malls with bras of golly!...

Bra-la-la-la-lahh La-lahh-lahh-lahhhhh.

(Link Updated) It must be Christmas shopping season in America, 'cuz Victoria's Secret just revealed its annual over-the-top publicity magnet - the $10 Million Bra and Panty. Seems like a spiffy excuse to have an AdLand contest! If you're a Regular or Super AdGrunt, continue on for the headline contest and prize description. And if you're not a member yet, sign up already!

Copywriters and/or writer wannabees, if you were hooked up with the task of writing the perfect headline and/or slogan for this bejewelled brassiere (read: one that actually had a snowball's chance of getting approved), what would it be?

To submit your best, just use the "post comment" button found down and to the right. (See? Leaving comments is easy!) If your entry is deemed best by our esteemed panel, you will receive... no, not the $10 Million Bra and Panty, but you will win a container of gen-u-ine udder cream, courtesy of AdLand's US High Plains satellite office.

Special note to the distraught and/or concerned - the photo with this post is that of a guy at Mardi Gras. Click the link above for a glimpse of the real thing - you know you want to.

More special notes. This little contest is not officially or unofficially affiliated with Victoria's Secret in any way, shape or form. Consider it "inspiration." And yes, udder cream is a very real product sold both in farm supply stores and beauty boutiques.