Coolz0r solves Asian football babes mystery

If you read more than one ad blog for breakfast you've probably stumbled onto the mysterious Asian Socces babes. Steve at adrants asked for help translating the Belgian site where he had found them, but sadly that left little clue as where the images came from and what they were advertising - if anything. Then the Asian babes images began their march around other ad blogs - wrongly credited as to being ads for the Belgian community site where they were found,, as they carried that sites logo on the images.

Well, now Coolz0r has managed to unravel the mystery of the Asian babes, he found that they were originally posted to a Chinese blog and then added to flickr by someone else - this is probably where the Belgians found them.
Coolz0r says:

How hard can it be to link to a source? If you’re editing the pictures, then at least give some linklove.

...and we totally agree with that. I can't help but wonder if one should upload shit to flickr that isn't 'yours' but I guess everyone's doing it so I'll just shut up now.

Anyway, nice work detective! Now thanks to Coolz0r we know that the they were indeed ads which ran in China and that the Chinese text originally on these images reads something like "The Wild Animal Soccer of Mr. Fashion"

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Just to show how far these ads spread, here's a few more that mentioned it. Advertising for peanuts posted that:

    "I originally thought these ads were for women's' underwear, and they were letting the ladies get in on some of the World Cup action. But it turns out is some kind of Dutch entertainment blog. I liked the ads more when I thought they were for underwear. It's a peculiar way to promote a website. Although, I can imagine this is some kind of strange recurring fantasy for almost every European."

    but later deleted the post, see Google cache of it.
    This lead Tim Nudd of Adfreak to pick it up, and he posted it here, taking peanuts word for it and relaying the misinfo that the images "promotes a racy Belgian blog". I can't remember now where else I saw it but it has been around....

    Jun 21, 2006
  • makethelogobigger's picture

    I think I like "The Wild Animal Soccer of Mr. Fashion" as a better title for the soccer babes.


    Jun 21, 2006

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