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Are you or are you working with one of those copywriters who keeps tinkering on their novel? Do you dream of becoming a "real" writer? You could learn a trick or two from Chad Williamson, a copywriter formerly at KesselsKramer in Amsterdam, currently at King in Stockholm and now published author of a book called "What comes around".

Update, I asked Chad if he did write the book between briefings, and he replied:

I was actually between jobs when I started writing the book. I was freelancing, writing press releases and such. The rewriting or editing was done between briefs, an hour or two here and there. Not to mention, when you're a copywriter in a foreign country you don't do a whole lot of writing, I've pretty much become what I've been calling "an idea person" and after a while that can leave a copywriter feeling, well, unfulfilled. In other words I have extra energy to write, so I do. My stories are all loosely based on the
truth and are about the seven years of my life that I was on hard drugs and the people that I met during those times. Let's just say I'm lucky I'm not dead or not locked-up.

I guess I've always wanted to write a book but felt like I'm not educated enough or that my vocabulary isn't impressive enough to compete with "real" writers. Nowadays I don't care so much about competing with other writers. I'm more interested in reaching a new group of readers. Ironically, that group is composed of people that don't normally like to read (so much for picking up any marketing skills after years in advertising, huh?). What I mean is that there's some intimidation that comes along with opening a book, at least there is for a lot of people I know, including me. I've got an attention span like a goldfish and get frustrated easily when reading. I've gotten better over the years and have grown to enjoy reading quite a lot. I'd like to get other people to feel the same. Luckily there are a plethora of publishers out there now.

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