Cottonelle gets fresh with a friend. While washing the car.....


Cottonelle gets fresh with a friend. While washing the car.....


Somewhere, somehow an entire group of marketing people all agreed that "get fresh with a friend" would be their new tagline for Cotonelle Fresh Wipes. "It encourages the consumer to share their love for Cotonelle" they figure. Then they decorated their web page with puppies and water and it all got kinda weird, because you just know a copywanker is thinking up all sorts of naughty scenarios to "get fresh with a friend".

He got pretty close to getting one of those naughty scenarios realized too. "While washing the family mini-van, Debbie gets Fresh with her friend Sam, and things take a hilarious turn." DEBBIE? Is she from Dallas? It's all fun and games and wet T-shirts up until 1:05 when it goes badly wrong. You just know there's an alternative script somewhere as this scenario could have gone either way after that happy little buttwiggle.


Everything about this "spot" screams spec.

Totally. The script. The acting. That not-subtle way of stating product benefits in everyday conversations. Everything! Cottonelle posted it to youtube Oct 20 2010. In their official account. What do you make of that?


Copywanker corrections -- one.

GreenShirt: At least Larry knows how to get a true clean every day with Cottonelle fresh flushable moist wipes.

OrangeShirt: Wait. What's that.

OrangeShirt: Come on. Tell me.

GreenShirt: Cottonelle fresh flushable moist wipes are a must. They leave you feeling shower fresh so you're cunthly clean every day.


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