CP+B has the Swedish Golden Egg awards re-judged by international jury.


To create the print campaign, this years awards book , and a web film for the 2011 Golden Egg awards, CP+B Europe decided to have an international jury re-judge last years winning entries.

"It's not just a ploy, it's about searching for if there is an international language of good ideas"

says Gustav Martner who managed to rope colleagues as far away as Accra, Ghana, Hong Kong and nearby Riga, Latvia in on the project. It might seem as if CP+B just did a world tour to film for a local award, but as usual in advertising it's finding the right people to play with.
"I was fortunate enough to meet Adewale Famosa from Primus Advertising while he was in Amsterdam when I was there, and they produced their part of the judging themselves once they had the materials and rules sent to them."

The idea focuses on the ageless question, are local ads impossible to understand internationally, or are great ideas universal? "It's easy to get flattered when you win international awards", says Gustav Martner, "but is that important to the local clients?" In recent years fewer campaigns have been sent in to compete in the Golden Egg, an international trend that seems to be happening to all local advertising awards.

The ads shown to our international jury were in some cases quite "local" in execution, this is the TV-commercial that the juries around the world tried to make sense of. If you're not familiar with this long running soap opera, it might be difficult to understand it.

They also showed the ICA food chain campaign from last year with Jerry the down's syndrome employee.

Print ads in the campaign include:

"Latvia supports Sweden's troops"

"Ghana laughs at Swedish advertising"
You can also view a few pages from the new award book and the print work here.

There's a bit of a classic DM twist to this idea as well, all of the ad agencies who had their work re-judged have been sent new diplomas, showing where they placed in the Golden Egg 2010 with the international jury. Effectively reminding them to once again enter the Golden Egg, while boosting some egos as they placed just as well under international scrutiny as they did with the homegrown Swedish jury - this result also serves to attack the usual whine we tend to hear around here that "friends vote for friends" in local awards head on.

Good ideas win. That's what happens.

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  • HowieSPM's picture

    Kind of proves that advertising really is a local business. I always laugh how in the US the Winter Ads come out and are shown in places that are still warm and sunny like LA or Miami and I assume Hawaii. And I bet the summer spots with the beach are shown in Alaska.

    The dudes in Ghana were a crack up. Would you trust people to create your advertising with those lame signs saying Unleash the Brands Power. I mean its not even in Comic Sans!

    Jan 12, 2011
  • Dabitch's picture

    I loved the Ghana / Primus advertising agency guys! They seemed to be the toughest jury ever: "so is this a bank, or a supermarket?" (valid question ICA!), seemingly not impressed at all, and their body language was all like: wtf? But then they gave gold awards to good campaigns. Phew. Close call.

    Jan 12, 2011
  • HowieSPM's picture

    It was really clever. They should do this with the Canne Lion's Winners.

    Jan 12, 2011
  • Dabitch's picture

    "....they should do this with cannes lions"... hehehe, ouch.

    Jan 13, 2011
  • Neo's picture

    I can't decide what is the best part. Gatis from Latvia, his beard, or this idea.

    Beard wins.

    Jan 12, 2011

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