Creatives help Japan - what we've seen so far.

The degree of destruction in Japan is hard to fathom, but some creatives got on the brief to encourage donations in various ways at once. Like the news about the earthquake and tsunami, twitter is full of messages on how to help.

First one we spotted was @VictorsnSpoils tweeting about T-Shirt designs at threadless where they ask you to create an inspirational tee around the theme of "Sunrise.", or simply vote and buy as a way to get involved. It's quicker to text the Red Cross some money, but of course there's people out there who want to use their design skills for a good cause.

Next we found that @Bing is tweeting they'll help if you retweet this;

#SupportJapan For every retweet, @bing will give $1 to quake victims, up to $100K

We passed that on, and got an immediate response packed with a good point from @shellbryson "A bit shameless too tho? Microsoft can well afford just to give $100,000, no strings." Yep, and soon after @FunkyandDesign expressed her dislike for the idea for the same reasons. Still, the #SupportJapan hashtag is going strong, much thanks to a tweet by @alyssa_milano

Now W+K aren't the types to hang around with their arms crossed, they went all out and created the Japan Relief Poster depicted above. It's designed by Max Erdenberger and printed by Steve Denekas and Walker Cahall, and you may buy it for 25, 50 or amount of bucks of your choice where all proceeds go to Japan disaster relief. Nice one.

Another pretty poster seen in the aftermath is this on twitpic, however it doesn't seem to be a fundraising effort. Have you seen any examples of creative efforts to help raise money for Japan? Please go ahead and post them in the comments (you can log in with twitter).

Update. Bing heard you, @Bing apologized for the tweet and donated 100K straight up.

We apologize the tweet was negatively perceived. Intent was to provide an easy way for people to help Japan. We have donated $100K.

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