Creatives launch PSA


Creatives launch PSA


Let's face it. We've all been out of work. Some more than others these last few trying years. But I got sick of it! Plain sick. Fed up. So I stepped up and kicked my pride right out the window. Humiliation is my middle name. I (Joe Leih, director) joined up with out of work copywriter Marc Guttesman and out of work art director Tom Millar and together we made a public service announcement. That’s right. Our own PSA. Pleading, no crying, for a job. Never take charity, hell no, we take charity. Check it out at And check out the spot credits too. Help those in need.


It's an OK spot. These guys will get some press....but I don't know if they will get a decent job out of it. They tell us what they can't do...but they don't tell us what they can do.

Maybe it would be better if they also post their portfolio online?

wow, never thought you were more cynical than me my fellow adlandmaster. ;)

true though, I think their jokes "because they can't do anything else" echo around the worlds of us poor creatives, and makes us, quite possibly the wrong people - as in target market - go, wow, aren't they funny. .. But didn't we crack exactly that gag last (insert # here) years ago?

But damn I like the way it's all shot and put together, you gotta admit it's a gag well done. Right? :)

Oh yeah. It's really well made. The production's awesome. I just wanna see more!

Yep, like the commercial. Funny idea, very good production.
For a junior team that is.

But I can't find any data on this site. How old are they? How many years in the industry? Where are they located?... stuff like that. I know they still want to appear "sexy", but giving me any info doesn't help.

The URL was registered on July 20, 2004 by a company named ProWeb in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

For a "junior" team, they sure have money to hire actors and shoot in decent sets.

That web site also has a very corporate look/feel to it.

It's a very funny commercial which will do well at awards festivals. Nice going, Marc and Tom.

Went back to their website to see if they're any closer to getting hired.....and their hire meter isn't moving at all. It's tough out there.

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