Creatives Obsessed with Spoofing Horror Films?

Creatives are influenced by the world around them and pop culture. Proof with these two horror movie inspired ads--One for Dirt Devil and a series for B&Q. At least they spoofed the classics instead of one of the new films in the genre. ;)

Directed by Andreas Roth, the spot titled "The Exorcist" to mark the Dirt Devil vacuum away the horror film of the same name to demonstrate the power of their products.

Meanwhile, last week B&Q has rolled out a series on online horror film spoofs, created by Dare, to demonstrate how the retailer can save consumers from a "fear of DIY". The videos parody classic horror films, including The Shining', 'Psycho' and 'Poltergeist' to promote the retailer’s in store demos, which give consumers DIY advice on a range of topics including how to make hanging baskets and lay laminate flooring.

Although this is inline with older ads, like this Dracula one from 1991.