Crispin Porter and Bogusky plays strip poker


Crispin Porter and Bogusky plays strip poker


If a friend acted like this, we'd all be telling them "You know what your problem is? You need to get laid, really bad." Seems we've seen the undressed ideas apply to nearly everything from CP&B as of late. ;)

CP&B have yet again come up with a online sexay advergame/site. This one isn't too far fetched actually, as it is for Victorias Secret, and it combines the biggest net-craze right now, Poker, with near-nudity. Clever. Point your browser to Pink Panty Poker where you can see total strangers in their underwear playing poker. The campaign is supposed to target 18-24 year old women, so I guess that's why it's full of half-naked supermodels. ;)

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Not all that surprising really I guess. VS has been using sex to sell for ages. Although, personally it doesn't make me want to buy their stuff. But I guess it works for the brand. Thing is, I have to wonder how many of the visitors are going to be in their target.

This is MUCH cuter than say, when Bob Dylan sang to some underage angel - not really "sexy" if you look at it. ;) Just some half-dressed people on a pink site playing poker - oh dear. :P

I do wonder who buys VS though.

I'm Swedish. This was just too lame.

Yes, tamest strip poker ever. My grandmother sees more action on bridge night. And like you say, the creatives of crispin really need a cold shower soon, isn't this the bazillionth time they've done a "sex"-thing? troymcclure spoke too soon under the hardly-legal post, crispin hadn't milked the faux sex thing quite dry yet.
(sorry about the images...)

Thank you, Mr. Bernbucks, for citing one of my earlier posts. I'm all verklempt.

While it's true that the perpetually randy minds at Crispin seem to rely far too heavily on the titillation factor these days, this is one instance where they are not using scantily clad women (and men)as a cheap gimmick merely to shock and/or arouse. Sex is what Victoria's Secret is all about.

Having said that, I do have a problem with their latest ode to erotica. According to Dabitch, "the campaign is supposed to target 18-24 year old women." But it seems designed to appeal to socially maladroit, sexually frustrated guys like. . . uh, me. In fact, the whole thing seems like just what you'd expect a bunch of horny frat-house types would come up with (of course, for all I know, it might've been a woman who came up with the idea in the first place).

I have no doubt the site will get lots of visitors. But how many of them will women ages 18 to 24?

What seems to be lacking is genuine insight into the ideals and aspirations of the target audience. These are young women who, presumably, are coming into their own as they discover their own feminity. Surely Crispin could've come up with a compelling campaign that might've addressed some of those issues - something that would be sensual without being smarmy, empowering without being insipid.

Of course, it's much easier just to show a bunch of scantily clad supermodels.

Nice logo, anyway.

I thought it was pretty good and will be effective for the market. I also think Crispen is being held to higher standards because of their relentless press coverage. Had this come from any other agency, I wonder the reaction. I only wish other agencies would take on this cross-media creative style, which is how I was trained. I guess we'll have to wait another 5 years till so many of the old CD's--who only think in TV and Print and maybe a website 'game'--move on?

SuddenWaffle poses a fair question. Frankly, if any other agency had come up with this, I think the reaction would've been pretty much the same. The only difference is that Crispin has really been overdoing the whole faux porn angle of late, so the idea seems especially played out coming from them. As Dabtich suggested in her initial post, they need to get laid and move on.

I would also point out that, contrary to popular belief, Crispin is not the only agency out there doing "cross-media creative." They just toot their own horn so loud and so often, other, equally deserving work gets overlooked. Just look at all the hoopla surrounding the Cyber Grand Prix they just won. Lost in most of the kiss-ass coverage from publications like Adweek was the fact that they shared the top award with another agency from Brazil. Maybe they are held to a higher standard because of all the press they receive. But that seems only fair. If you are routinely hailed as the greatest thing since edible panties, you better be able to live up to it.

I am surprised to hear all this nagative feedback, the game was pefectly done, its Victoria's Secret it fits the genre and brings it home so well. Im not sure it could have been done any better, they are selling lingerie. Bravo to them and had someone else come up with that, it would have been genious. Crispin has the luxury of having those types of clients...

"Lost in most of the kiss-ass coverage from publications like Adweek was the fact that they shared the top award with another agency from Brazil."

And that is really a shame, as it was better than the Method site, IMHO.

I'd also point out that not only is CP+B over doing the faux porn...but other agencies have been using it as well lately, so even if it wasn't coming from them it would feel played out too.

"they are selling lingerie" 18-24 year old women. I don't know any 18-24 year old girls who like stripping and poker, but if you do could you please hook me up?

I'm sorry, Bill, but are you retarded?

How does Victoria's Secret sell their wares? By advertising to men, who see sexy women in VS catalogs, and want their women to look sexy, so they buy VS.

Victoria's Secret's advertising target is not women. It's men. And men like stripping and poker.

I'm sorry for the rudeness of this reply, but your comment was just plain dumb.

It's not Bill's fault that the press release states "The campaign targets 18-24 women", which is what he's quoting. VS themselves are saying that they are targeting women, not men. *shrug*
I agree with you that it certainly looks like this campaign is targeting males who will then spend money on their girlfriends intimates, which is why I write so doubtingly in the article "....supposed to target 18-24 year old women." It doesn't look like it actually targets 18-24 year old women, which is Bill's gripe as far as I can tell. They're saying one thing but doing quite another.

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