Cruisin' with Lee Tamahori


It's tough being a Kiwi icon - tall poppies seem to be there to be cut down!
For those of you who haven't caught up with the news, it is alleged that our very own Lee Tamahori, one-time TVC director, but now successful Hollywood film director seems to have got in a spot of bother over in La La Land.
Hey, what a guy chooses to wear in the privacy of his own home is his affair.
If he feels that he should then go out late at night dressed like that - well, I guess that's also up to him as well.
Trying to pick up some guy while all dressed up- so what? We're all broad-minded people aren't we?
Asking that person for money for services to be rendered? - Ummmmm.......
Finding out that the person is an undercover cop? CLANG - DO NOT PASS GO....

Anyway, quick as a flash (scuse the pun), as it's all about being quick off the mark and topical, a couple of friends of mine from a terrific little shop called Second Sphere developed a game, put it up on the net two days ago and have been running around since then begging, borrowing and stealing server space as traffic volumes have gone ballistic.
They were also tracked down and interviewed about the whole thing by TVNZ this morning, and the story went to air tonight as the 'waterskiing hamster story' at the end of Close Up, our nightly current affairs show.
So, why don't you go cruisin' with Lee? - and see if you can completely bring their servers down!

If that one doesn't work; try:

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  • Dabitch's picture

    That was fun, but I got bored after making 1200 dollars.

    Didn't the scandalous news insunuate the Lee offered to pay the policeman and not the other way around?

    Feb 15, 2006
  • LPikon's picture

    Dabitch - you may well be right, but then I guess it makes the whole story even more weird / daft eh? :)

    Feb 15, 2006

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