Cum Cum Cmon?


Cum Cum Cmon?


There's been some Belgian buzz about the "C'mons" (come ons). Aside from being an MTV rockband that apparently need to take a piss every now and then, they also appear to have more entertainment value:

Dirty little bastard.


funny thing about buzz, it doesn't seem there's been all that much interest in any of the cmon stuff on youtube... this wreaks of expensive marketing campaign gone sour...

True. The Youtube phenomenon has been poorly used, to say the least. A lot of Belgian sites however, supported by "offline" media such as stickering, keep it alive. This could well be a home made spin-off, judging from the use of another brand and, well...its...daring "content" :)

Not sure anyone is really giving a toss about a bunch of knitted puppets except for the people being paid to make a noise about them (Belgian buzz ... don't make me laugh), but then that's not a big surprise seeing that this is a promo for the new Corsa ... like some knitted puppets are really going to help Opel/GM sell more tin:


opel corsa? how flat. but not exactly as in flat eric.

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