The customer is not always right.

Remember Darryl Hannah in the (ad) movie "Crazy people" pitching the line;
"We're AT&T, and we're tired of taking your crap."?

As so many adthoughts in that film, it is happening in real life. BostonGlobe reports; "Selden and coauthor Geoffrey Colvin of Fortune Magazine turn on its head the old maxim that the customer is always right. They say companies need to view themselves as investing in a portfolio of customers and figure out which of those customers are profitable and which ones are not, and why. Then a company can target its products and services at the profitable customers and either help the unprofitable ones become profitable or get rid of them. In other words, the customer is not always right."

Think about that the next time you are on hold for several hours, listening to Enya (argh!) or otherwise getting treated to some very poor service. They might want to get rid of you.