D&AD Judging is underway, despite ashes from that volcano

Despite the recent flight chaos, day one of D&AD Awards Judging is on schedule and firmly under way at London's Olympia. I would have posted this news on Monday, but I wasn't as lucky as these judges and spent the day stuck in Biel/Bienne Switzerland, a.k.a cute but boring. Those pesky and persistent clouds of volcanic ash poised over the skies of Europe have seen many of our international judges unable to attend this year's event, yet despite this setback, the mood at judging week is as thrilling as ever. Interviews from these past days are available to view at https://www.dandad.org

Along with events at Olympia, judges from Brazil, the US, Canada and the Netherlands have been voting remotely today in TV & Cinema Advertising, TV & Cinema Crafts and Digital Advertising.

With the addition of remote judging and a steady stream of global judges defying the travel chaos, the international vote remains strong in essence if not in person. As the sun burst through the mass of steel and glass that forge Olympia's impressive barrel roof structure, D&AD's CEO Tim O'Kennedy began proceedings this morning. Addressing the judges and awaiting press, O'Kennedy reaffirmed D&AD's continued commitment to the creative community and briefed those present on the rigid criteria required for both the awards and the judging process.

Over the next three days, D&AD Awards 2010 promises to uncover further innovative ideas and unprecedented examples of work. The question remains, is there a coveted Pencil amongst them? The Jury is out.

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Heh. Anders and Matt from the Websites jury drove over from Gothenburg on Monday - arrived in London at 5am Tuesday and went straight into judging. Ouch.