Dancehall elephants eating skippy, mon!


Slate asks the question why is skippy selling peanut-butter bars with rapping, jamaican elephants? Good question.

One possibility?
"2) Through careful consumer research and many focus groups, Skippy has determined that dancehall rap is the total bomb with the teens right now and hopes this ad will lend the brand a hipper profile. Teens will soon be wearing J'Phant T-shirts (he's the Nutshells' lead singer, according to the press release). It will be a phenomenon! Yes yes y'all, Skippy is down! Getting irie with the peanuts, brothers and sisters! "

Or maybe not.

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    I'm just saying that, but I swear that one of the "elephants" in this ad looks high (about 25 seconds into it)...but of course, I'm just saying! :)

    but the "Skippy is down" part from the press release cracks me up more than anything else! It's so bad that with time, it becomes one of those things that you laugh about!

    Very interesting theories from Slate, though

    Aug 18, 2004

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